It is our purpose to build a citizen’s organization that will help its members to build financial strength, foster community service, and teach political and environmental responsibility. We will work to benefit not only members of the organization, but also the greater community.



It is our objective to use our size to help members to increase their purchasing power through existing and specially created discounts. Working together, we can form the needed capital to take on projects too large for any single member. Members will be encouraged to pass on their wealth in such a manner as to preserve it for future generations.

Community Service:

Each year we will establish at least one project that is ongoing and self-sustaining and will benefit the community as a whole. We will also look for opportunities that respond to the needs of the greater community – whether it be one individual, several families, or a natural disaster. This “help” will be in the form of either our own physical presence or financial assistance or both.


We will work to forward the recognition that it is everyone’s responsibility to find ways to lessen our negative impact on the environment. We will focus on projects with long term solutions that will have a lasting impact on the health of the environment We will also be open to local projects which can address an immediate need.


We recognize that democracy only works when citizens participate. It is our purpose to find ways to increase political awareness and activity while staying alert to situations that require special focus and /or action.